Black Folks Make Movies is committed to the examination of Black film history through images portrayed in film via education, the promotion of past & current independent filmmakers of color and the preservation of contributions by Black and other artists of color. Through this prism of Black movie history we examine the emergence and impact of Black Americans, the creative reaction to widespread racism during the first half of the 20th century, and the vitality of Black entertainment and culture across the country inclusive of this period and beyond.

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We're looking for folks interested in volunteering to help organize the F2B Touring Film Festival This unique enterprise is a celebratory retrospective history of Black American film from its inception in 1910 through to the present. Under the auspices of BLACK FOLKS MAKE MOVIES, we're ready to throw open the floodgates and raise the cry for much needed HELP!!! Volunteers in conjunction with advisers, filmmakers, performers, film scholars and film historians are needed to organize, run & move this festival forward for its scheduled 2016 Premiere.

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