FADE2BLACK (F2B) Film Festival, Celebrating Black American Film 1910-Present

FADE2BLACK: A RETROSPECTIVE, Celebrating Black American Cinema 1910-Present, is based out of the University of Cincinnati's, Film & Digital Media Studies Center. F2B is an extraordinary display of Black American film from race movies to the present. paying tribute to the significant history, culture and contributions of Black Americans to American Cinema.

Screening approximately 20+ films over 5 days, FADE2BLACK2018: A Retrospective Celebration, picks up the initial thread cast in 1910 by Peter P. Jones, William Foster and others, and traveling that road to the brilliant tapestry of Black American cinema we have today. From Oscar Micheaux to Julie Dash, Melvyn Van Peebles, Neema Barnett, Spike Lee to Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, Steve McQueen, Ava DuVernay and more, with as many stops as possible along the way.

As a new entrant into the film festival field, F2B is unique on several levels. Firstly, F2B is NOT a competition but a history lesson exposing participants to the knowledge that Black people have been making movies since making movies began. There are no submissions only picks of films (DVD or digital) already available which contribute to the historical dynamic of Black American film. Secondly, the choices made reflect the rarely seen nature of these works giving participants a glimpse into the dynamic world of independent Black American film. Thirdly, F2B has always been perceived as a bi-annual event - even years in Cincinnati and odd years in other cities

An anticipated national roster of cities includes: Cincinnati Premiere 2018; Boston, 2019; Cincinnati, '20; Detroit, '21; Chicago; LA; San Francisco/ Oakland; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Nashville; New York; Seattle; Washington DC; Atlanta; Miami; New Orleans (Dates TBA). F2B, while touring bi-annually, maintains its U.C. Film & Digital Media Center base annually.

F2B is also a 3 part celebration in Film, Art, & Music. Ultimately F2B contains not only a film component primarily but eventually a fine arts & music component as well. At this time the linear timeline is covered with representative films from 'race movies' to Black cast Hollywood films to contemporary Black American Cinema.

With screenings at U.C., P.A.R., The Esquire, The MINImicrocinema, Peoples Liberty & anticipated screenings at the Cincinnati Museum in Eden Park, FADE2BLACK promises a unique view into the genre of Black American cinema.

As filmmaking is a collaboration, so are film festivals. Volunteer and Internship opportunities are available. Simply email us via the Contact page on this site and we'll reach out to you shortly.

Thank you.

Pamela Thomas,

Executive Director, Founder