Looking For Langston, BFMM in March at the MINI

Coming up at the MINImicrocinema, March 19, 2017, 2-5PM is the rarely seen cult classic, LOOKING FOR LANGSTON. This poetic 'meditation' on literary icon, Langston Hughes, was written, produced and directed by noted filmmaker, Isaac Julian. Released in 1994, the film is both visually stunning and still highly controversial as it focuses on Hughes being gay. Many still have issues with this films' visual portrayal so you have been forwarned. I'll leave it at that...

This program is free & open to the public, though contributions are encouraged.

March 19, 2017

The MINImicrocinema

1329 Main Street

Cincinnati, OH

Doors open at 2pm, screening begins promptly at 2:30 with support from OUTREELS & RiverReels Film Festivals and the Cincinnati Film Society.

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Thank you...