F2B17 Film Festival 

Most Americans are unaware of the major contributions Black Americans have made in film. FADE2BLACK A Retrospective Celebrating Black American Film, 1910 - the Present, affords us this long overdue exploration into this history.

FADE2BLACK fosters education through celebration, and empowerment through history. F2B is a contextual chronicle of the Black experience and its century plus struggle to visually and aurally define its image on film from an "Afrocentric" perspective.

FADE2BLACK defines the primordial existence of not only an independent definitive Black presence commensurate with the invention and early development of the film medium, but also the successful articulation by these independent Black filmmakers of artistic, technical and commercial fluency that was self-affirming and culturally reinforcing.

F2B is a celebration providing the social, cultural and historical context facing Black America over the span of the last 100 + years as seen comparatively primarily through the eyes of Black American filmmakers.  As a new entrant into the film festival field, F2B is unique on several levels. Firstly, F2B is NOT a competition but a history lesson exposing participants to the knowledge that Black people have been making movies since making movies began. There are no submissions only picks of films (DVD or digital) already available contributing to the historical dynamic of Black American film. Secondly, the choices made reflect the rarely seen nature of these works giving attendees a glimpse into the dynamic world of independent Black American film. Thirdly, F2B has always been perceived as a bi-annual event - even years in Cincinnati and odd years in other cities.


The FADE2BLACK Film Festival is set for October 12-14, 2017. Based out of the University of Cincinnati Center Center for Film and Media Studies additional University support is provided by: the President's Office; Office of Equity and Inclusion; The Department of Africana Studies; Design Art Architecture and Planning; and the Departments of History and Journalism. Additional Sponsorship Support is from XAVIER University Department of Arts and Sciences; the  DIFT Program; and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Attendees will see a variety of films ranging from award winning PBS documentary, MIDNIGHT RAMBLE: Oscar Micheaux & the Story of Race Movies, which chronicles the birth of African American Film, produced by BFMM & F2BFF Founder, Pam Thomas to the brilliant, I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO. Friday the 13th is devoted primarily to Middle and High School students, with a special program on the Black Cowboy in Film as well as early race movie shorts. Friday night features, To Sleep With Anger followed by a panel with filmmaker Charles Burnett & star Danny Glover. Saturday screenings include more discussion & panels alongside the anticipated program, On The Other Side: Black Women Behind the Camera. Co-sponsored by Women In Film, Cincinnati, our inaugural featured participants are noted LA filmmaker, Carol Munday-Lawrence; LA based producer, radio/TV personality & film historian, Tanya Hart; & local filmmaker, Davi Davis.

Besides the aforementioned On The Other Side: Black Women Behind the Camera, and the singular Production Master Class, on Saturday afternoon, F2B officially closes that night with Julie Dash’s incomparable, Daughter’s of the Dust.

For those of you wanting more, a notable screening Sunday afternoon features the unrelenting, I Am Not Your Negro, by the incomparable, Raoul Peck. While all F2B screenings are held at UC with discussion following, Sunday's Special Screening occurs at the MINImicrocinema in OTR. 


 The F2B Film Festival is an opportunity to celebrate film contributions made by the Black Community while also celebrating our Queen City. More importantly, it’s an opportunity to witness the evolution of Black American Cinema, either through filmmaker or 'film matter' -  from the beginning.

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