F2B sponsorship



additional donation opportunities

  There are many ways to support FADE2BLACK and we do need support to make this Film Festival happen. Contributions are necessary to help defray costs as well as show your support for what we're doing. 


The following is a list of sponsorship options open to all who wish to be a substantial part of FADE2BLACK.

  1.  Prime Time Youth EventFriday, Oct. 13, 2017, 9 AM-2 PM. Sponsor 10 students, covering ticket costs at a 10% discount: 10 tickets = $90; 2 blocks, 20 tickets = $180, etc.
  2.  Screening Sponsorship: 
  • F2B Opening, $300  (You receive 2 tickets to F2B screening of your choice)
  • Buck and The Preacher, $200 ( 2 tickets to F2B screening of your choice)

  • $400, (4 tickets to F2B screening of choice)
  • VIP Reception, $1,000 (You receive 2 Festival Passes);
  • Festival Sponsorship, $5,000 - $10,000 (2+ VIP Passes commensurate with contribution)
  • Campus Receptions, $500 (Day Pass, day of choice)

(All Sponsors are listed  as "Screening Sponsored By..., Reception Sponsored By..., etc)