Welcome to all interested in volunteering for BFMM or the FADE2BLACK (F2B) Film Festival!


The F2B Premiere Preview, October 6-8, 2017 is a taste of the full blown FADE2BLACK Film Festival scheduled for Oct. 2018. In general F2B is NOT a competition but a two day celebratory retrospective history of Black American Film from its beginnings in 1910 to the present. Under the auspices of BLACK FOLKS MAKE MOVIES, F2B, is a bi-annual, education based event tracing the contributions of Black American filmmakers decade by decade officially beginning 2018. The 2017 event is a precursor to F2BFF 2018 at which time the bi-annual schedule is established.

Volunteers work in conjunction with various Advisors, Filmmakers, Performers, Technicians, Film Scholars, and Film Historians. Volunteering is not just about selling advance & day of ticket sales, wearing a special badge, showing people to their seats or watching movies for free, it's also about setting up & tearing down before & after each screening, helping organize and present this Spring's BFMM Fundraiser, marketing & advertising sales for the printed Festival Program, and more. All are needed to organize, run and move this Special Event forward to its Fall 2017 Premiere.


People are needed to help with all areas of Black Folks Make Movies. With our various screening programs and other special events, assistance is necessary for seating, space setup & tear-down, ticket takers/sales at the door, research, administration and more. 

*Note: Internship credit is available for all student volunteers.*

Volunteering for BFMM or F2B is an opportunity to explore your strengths and challenge your expectations, as well as getting into the nuts and bolts of establishing a truly unique film festival.

If genuinely interested and ready for the challenge, check your schedule and availability, fill out the form on the "Contact" Page and email it to us. We'll take it from there.